Thursday, May 4, 2017

Short Stories and Essays!

Only a few days left to register for my Art Center at Night class: STORY DRIVEN ART DIRECTION. You do NOT have to be enrolled in the degree program- it is open to all adults, working professionals, etc. The class is a version ( with a twist ) of the VISUAL DEVELOPMENT for Animation class I have taught for many years at Art Center- which has consistently helped to develop voice and style, and the portfolio-quality work that results regularly constitutes a great portion of grad wall content and graduation portfolio content! The slant of this night class is that it’s got even more ( if possible ) of a ‘story’ emphasis! I will paste the catalogue blurb below. Pls feel free to share the link!

From Children’s Classic to Film
In Entertainment, there is much talk of the role of ‘story’ in the Visual Development process. For many, however, it remains an elusive buzzword. In very pragmatic terms, this class illuminates how Western Storytelling Structure becomes Art Direction in practice, not just theory. How literary themes are visually represented by the artist, lending resonance to the written word in a way only an artist can. Over 14-weeks, students will bring a Children’s Classic to life, from blue sky concepts to a cohesive, production-ready style guide. In designing all assets for production (props/vehicles/weapons, character, environment, and story beats) students gain practical experience identifying what’s universal in the story, while also finding their own personal connection to it in a way that nurtures their unique voice and flair! Students may design for any narrative genre/format: TV or Feature Animation (CG or Traditional,) Live-Action Film, Gaming, Animated short, Experimental Animation, Children’s picture book, Graphic Novel.
Online REGISTRATION is available:
go to “Register” <Register Now>
on the search page, enter ’Domingo' in the “instructor’s last name” field, then hit submit.

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